The word horderves seems to be a complex word for people who do not know French. Wondering what this word could mean? It simply means Appetizers in English. As you are aware they are served before any meal. Appetizers could be anything depending on the restaurant and the location. You can also make these at home when you are really free as these take long time to prepare along with the meal. You cannot have appetizers everyday along with meal; therefore you can prepare them while you feel like having them together with meal. Horderves are finger foods that are served prior to a meal or in between mealtimes. The dish may range from simple to complex ones. They are generally accompanied with cocktails.
These are served before dinner or banquet before a meal. This is very common in weddings when it takes some time for the wedding and reception to commence.
They are also served at long parties after regular meals. Sometimes it is served in mid-afternoon party where there is no intent to serve dinner. It is a good idea to serve where there is alcohol intake. IT helps one to cut down the alcohol intake. Many restaurants feature variety of appetizers which will allow the guests to choose on the one they desire to have. Some examples of appetizers are a simple plate of cheese and crackers, chopped vegetables served with dip and sliced fruits can be served as appetizers. Other popular appetizers include canap├ęs, finger sandwiches, crab cakes, crab puffs and small sausages. Any sort of dumplings can also be served. The concept behind is that they should be easy to handle just with a napkin and easy to eat in a bite or two. This would help the guests to eat, dance and participate in the function without any need to be encumbered by plates.
Appetizers differ from one country to the other. They vary widely based on the location and the food providers in the country.